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The DIET: Twitter and multimedia channels

There is never a day where you don’t meet someone who says I’m watching my weight. I’m trying a new exercise or I’m on a diet. Face it people are obsessed with their health, which probably is a smart thing considering the amount of obesity in today’s society. Companies make billions of dollars each year just shoveling out new diet pills, new diet foods and new work out equipment.

However in the past individuals would spend money on getting this advice and paying billions of dollars to find the perfect weight loss “secret” as quick as possible.

Question: Has social media outlets changed the way we access new diet information?

My answer is YES

I took at watch watcher, a company who recently charged a fee to join and gave participants a point system to follow to help reach their weight loss goals.

Before it was common to attend weight watchers meetings and discuss food tips in order to reach your desired weight. However today we have weight watchers help from the company of your own home. For example look at the following places to access advice on diet secrets.


Here’s a picture from the weight watchers twitter page which currently has 128,736 followers. Weight watchers no longer involves going out in public and going to meetings but instead has created an online community where people can discuss their personal stories of success and be part of the weight watchers community without having to pay a fee.

Another outlet where you can find weight watchers is on weight watchers blogs.


Weight watchers uses its blogs to communicate with the online communities, post new recipes and tips to losing weight. It also features the famous weight watchers point system that has all the points for eating out, eating in and snacking. It helps it’s customers stay up to date with new restaurants as well as new foods that the weight watchers line releases.


The weight watcher community is also not shy on communicating success stories and helpful tips through the use of online videos on YouTube. Some of the videos are like online cooking segments to show how to cook some of the most popular weight watcher recipes for those who find cooking to be a challenge.

Weight watchers has really taken advantage of multimedia channels and the online social media communities. It’s tools have been effective for reaching a larger audience for those who might be unsure if weight watchers is for them. Instead of paying the initial fees of joining weight watchers, you can become part of their online community for free. However weight watchers needs to be conscious of sabotaging weight loss or gain stories that could hurt their reputation.

With all said weight watchers has proved that diet secrets no longer come at a cost but can be enjoyed through social media.

Here is a word from the CEO about weight watchers and social media.Social media and Weight Watchers