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Awareness and Influences (Sports Edition)

Let me start off my post with two pictures and I’m curious how many can guess who they are.



If you guessed Tom Brady and Maria Sharapova, your right. These two were among 28 others who were named the 30 most beautiful athletes in the recent Sportsnet March 12, 2012 issue. The thing that caught my eye was the explanation to why when we see these athletes we recognize them because of their looks rather then their skills. To be completely honest I could pinpoint Tom Brady out of any crowd but yet I couldn’t tell you how many Superbowls he’s won. That’s exactly what the article called “The Beautiful People” featured in Sportsnet touches on. It takes a stand that social media has opened up a channel for good looking celebrities to brand themselves as celebrity athletes. It mentions Anna Kournikova, a tennis player who really wasn’t spectacular but was good but not good enough to be known. However because of her looks she was one of the most known female tennis players of all time. Social media has acted as a channel for her to become her own brand, sell her beauty over her athletic abilities.

The article makes you question have we become so obsessed with celebrities because of their looks and branding on social media channels? Also what happened to the old days where athletes were acknowledged on their skills rather then their looks?

With this said I am completely guilty of buying products based on what good looking celebrity is endorsing them. I have always been a fan of Tiger Woods and he is known for endorsing the brand Nike. I have to admit that I bought all Nike golf stuff because of the way Tiger Woods has branded himself with association himself with the famous red Nike shirt. In PGA tournaments I am constantly being aware of what Tiger Woods is wearing and I make my next Nike purchase based off that awareness.

Example of my old process of watching Tiger Woods apparel, followed by my next shopping trip to Nike.


If you notice the last stage of the marketing funnel is LOYALTY. Even after the media frenzy that Tiger Woods has participated in, I still feel I have a connection to the Nike brand and remain loyal.

However since social media is the gateway to unlimited information my buying process has drastically changed.

Current process


Now if I am looking for new Nike attire I notice what Tiger is wearing but I will also go to the Nike social media sites like Twitter and facebook and do more research into what people review about different Nike apparel. Social media has impacted the buyers process in that it’s reversed roles of the buyer telling companies what they want. Customization of customer demands might due to the innovation of social media. Customers have a social media channel to research absolutely anything they want and have the ability to be picky on their needs.

One way to help improve your brand using social media is the Net Promoter score. It helps you out in three ways, first is that it identifies which customers would recommend your product or service, second you know what part of your customer base is going to be negative and third you can pinpoint issues and decrease detractors and increase promoters.

I believe that Nike has taken advantage of acknowledging the importance of a Net Promoter score based on their current campaign. Their current campaign “How will you #makeitcount”

The Nike is no longer trying to sell you a product or service but rather a feeling of belonging and making a difference. In their campaign they include the #makeitcount in hopes that people will tell their stories and motivational wisdom in a Nike based community. Nike wants people to use social media to establish a community of people who would only promote their product and service rather then demote.