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Many fellow Starbucks addicts may be familiar with walking into a Starbucks and seeing this book usually near the cash register. On an impulse buy I decided that I would take a chance and really hear what Howard had to say. Personally I expected nothing spectacular, however after reading the book I felt a little more appreciated to the workers of Starbucks and the brand itself. I probably doubled my coffee purchases that week!

I do admit that the book was written from a mediocre level, the content in it is what grasped my attention. Howard took over a company that went on only selling coffee beans and combining it was a European inspired coffee experience. However after he over saturated the market by offering Starbucks pretty much anywhere he looked, he realized he needed to step back and reevaluate the loss of Starbucks profits.

This is called touchpoint analysis where you reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges from a marketer’s perspective. The book goes through the challenge that Howard faced to shift his current business practices to the ones that he used before. He discusses the low and high points in Starbucks life span and the turning point of the company.

At one point in the book it discusses the media frenzy day when he closed down every Starbucks for a few hours to teach all the employees about what Starbucks customer experience is all about. He made sure every Starbucks employee knew that a proper espresso shot was supposed to be thick like honey and that the average live span of an espresso shot is only a few seconds before it is considered “dead” to use.

Starbucks experience of using touchpoint analysis has been successful in that they have turned their company completely around, they went from being an over saturated coffee company and returned itself to the coffee experience.

I follow Starbucks on instagram, twitter and facebook and I believe they have really grasped the concept of social media marketing. They treat their customers with the “friend” relationship rather then pushing their brand on them. Starbucks social media success

Now go and enjoy some Starbucks coffee 🙂