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As you may remember a previous blog post about Nike’s social media campaign to #makeitcount. I just wanted to share with you my favorite video from the campaign so far. May it inspire you to use social media as a tool to communicate and interact with the world and #makeitcount.

-Cait Wilkinson
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Groundswell and Social Media Marketing have been the books that have guided this blog on my own personal experiences with the use of social media in today’s society. We have come to an era in which we will no longer know what it’s like not to participate in social media sites. If you go to buy products we will research what others say about the products on blogs pages, Twitter feeds and Facebook fan pages.

Know that technology will always be changing and with that so will we as customers, suppliers and buyers. Companies need to go looking for their audience rather then waiting for them to come. The words innovation and customization will become the norm in which we describe the key to groundswell. Also companies will use metrics off social media sites to track what their customers are saying rather then handing out paper form surveys. Companies can’t ignore social media, it’s a collaboration that will decided the success of the company and failure of a company if they choose to ignore.

This is no longer the future of marketing for companies, it’s the present.


What the Future Holds – The Ford Story

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.
-Henry Ward Beecher

When I was young companies told customers what they wanted and put ideas of products into their heads. They would advertise in a way that would bring the customers into their ideas and their innovations. Today the world of marketing has shifted; groundswell has led the way in creating a customers dream of product innovation and customization. The customer controls what to say about brands, how to influence and set focus to their needs.

In 2008 the world watched as the “big 3” automakers in Detroit suffered during hard economic times. Today Ford has taken the their new car the Ford Fiesta on a groundswell marketing approach called the Ford Fiesta Movement.

Ford Fiesta Movement

In this article it shares how Ford has given social media experts the challenge of promoting their new car without spending a single dollar on actual marketing. The article shares the following stats on their new campaign:

– 4.3 million YouTube views thus far
– 500,000+ Flickr views
– 3 million+ Twitter impression
– 50,000 interested potential customers, 97% of which don’t own a Ford currently.

Ford has captured successful groundswell techniques that have opened them to their current customers and their potential customers. They have grasp the most important detail about groundswell by understanding the influence their brand users have of world of mouth marketing to influence the car buyer market.


This figure shows the market position and the available measures of social media conversations. With Ford the moe customers they engage in telling their own Fiesta story, the more share of conversation which would lead to the car possibly being a market leader it’s its category.

Ford has achieved success with its campaign for the reasons that they knew their audience was the younger generation which uses social media because the car is mean’t for the target group who is looking for an affordable car. Ford found opportunity in that it connected with its target market through the channel of social media through sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Ford selected its metrics by measuring the awareness levels of their campaign by monitoring the views and impressions of its campaign on social media sites through the number of views and clicks. Last ford engaged the audience through customization and innovation. It put it’s marketing in the hands of its customers and has now allowed word of mouth marketing to be the key of their successful campaign.

The Ford Fiesta Movement is truly a success story of the use of groundswell and social media marketing.