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Accepting Change

Question time, name a company who you believe uses social media as a strategic marketing tool for their company.

To be honest it took me a while to think of a company that I use track their social media accounts. As I was thinking of a company I went through my facebook page and found nothing, then I went to my Twitter page. I came to realize companies that I follow are usually through my Twitter account however I tend to be picky for who I follow.

One example of a company that uses social media marketing in an effective way is WestJet. They promote daily deals and offer promotion codes to their followers. I fly WestJet every month and since following them on Twitter I have been informed about all their “blue tag” deals and see first hand their use of social media marketing.

This article relates to WestJet’s strategy for using social media.

In the book groundswell it discuses The acronym “POST” – People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology

1.People: Asking the question what are your customers ready for?
In the terms of WestJet their target market is anyone who travels. Knowing how their market is, WestJet analyzed what their customers wanted from them and how effective social media would be for advertising flight deals to their customers.

2.Objectives: What are your goals?
WestJet prides itself on customer service, so to the, joining social media only helps to them to better understand their customers. They are constantly tweeting “What can we do for you?” and “Whose flying with us today?” I believe that WestJets objectives was to simply use social media to increase their customer service level and flying experience.

3.Strategy: How do you want relationship with your customers to change?
In the case of WestJet it was clear that the strategy they had was to first increase their customer service levels, second increased awareness and third advertise promotions and their brand in an effective way. The “blue tag” event has enabled WestJet to gain a lot of followers by offering daily deals that last for a few short hours. They know that it’s strategic to offer such brief sales to increase their brand awareness through groundswell.

4.Technology: What application should you build?
WestJet understands its customers and where they are located, WestJet having social media accounts has allowed them to tap into a bigger market then they expected. They have gained more success with advertising through their social media accounts then any other advertising that the company has done else where.

I believe WestJet is one of the best companies who have tapped into what groundswell is all about.

“The most successful marketer becomes part of the lives of their followers. They follow back. They wish happy birthday. They handle problems their customers have with products or service. They grow their businesses and brands by involving themselves in their own communities.” – Marsha Collier, speaker and business author


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