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Listening to the Ones Who Know You Best

“No matter what you’re after, in internal groundswell, the secret to thriving is culture. This is not about technology implementation but about managing and changing the way organizations work, a change that needs the blessing-or, even better the active participation-of top echelons of management.”(Li, Bernoff. 2008)

I have a question for you, what makes great customer service? The answer is simple a happy employee. Companies tend to spend more time focusing on their customers and not on the backbone of their company, their employees. Employees are the face of the company, for instance when you walk into a Best Buy, you don’t get greeted by the CEO but rather it’s a individual in a tacky blue shirt. However unflattering the shirt may be, this is what every Best Buy employee has in common. These blue shirts symbolize the blue shirt nation, a community within Best Buy where employees can voice their opinions, ideas and be listened to. It helps to create a work environment with better communication to improve employee interaction and make work less of a place that’s despised.

Using groundswell internally within your company can help create a better feeling among the entire community of employees throughout a company. One company in particular that you’ll find makes a lot of contributions to YouTube is an airline called Southwest. The following video is an employee of the company taking his job and adding his own twist, he seems to enjoy his job and appreciated the unique style of his company.

Reed’s Law


Reed’s Law typically explains the social networks that are used today where communities of people can explore communication among many other groups of people. “Compared to a network of 10 people, the change of value for a network of 100 people that can talk not only with each other as they would under Metcalfe but also within groups of people is 2 raised to the 90th power which for all practical purposes is a exceedingly large number. (Evans.2008)

Reed’s Law is the idea behind social media sites. In my personal experience I don’t believe I would ever be able to stay connected to all the groups of people that facebook allows me to be connected to. I have groups on facebook that consist of personal contacts, fellow peers and even work related groups.

“[E]ven Metcalfe’s law understates the value created by a group-forming network [GFN] as it grows. Let’s say you have a GFN with n members. If you add up all the potential two-person groups, three-person groups, and so on that those members could form, the number of possible groups equals 2n. So the value of a GFN increases exponentially, in proportion to 2n. I call that Reed’s Law. And its implications are profound.”
-David P. Reed


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