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Social Technographics

What’s the best way to understanding your customers? The answer is looking at social technographic profiles. You may wonder how you define such a term, well when you break it down into two words you have the word meaning social referring to people to people activities in groundswell. The next term is technographics refers to the methodology used for researching consumers. The social technographic profiles can be broken done into 6 groups.

1. Creators: publish a blog or online article at least once a month.
2. Critics: react to online content by being responsive to online posts.
3. Collectors: save the information they like
4. Joiners: create and maintain profiles on social media sites
5. Spectators: consume what others produce online
6. Inactives: nonparticipating

It’s hard to imagine that online users can be categorized into just 6 groups. Although I would classify myself as a joiner, recently with this blog I could qualify myself under the creators group. However I feel like I am part of everyone of these groups in a small way. I am part of the creators now that I have created a blog, I react to people’s posts on current events which makes me a critic. I am partially a collector because I bookmark my favorite websites and a joiner because I have 7 different social media profiles. I am a spectator when I view what others publish and I guess I’m inactive when I sleep. Okay so maybe I don’t fall into the last group but I have met someone who does.

Personal Experience
My mother has no idea how to turn on a computer, she is 51 years old and has yet to use the internet. Why you ask? Simple she says

“I lived without it growing up, so why would I need it now?”

She definitely falls under the category of inactive user, but I have to wonder is this “inactive” group becoming extinct? Can someone really live without the internet in our generation? My opinion is no, people need the internet like they need food in today’s society. However I’m curious to hear your opinions on the topic.



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