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A Way of Life

This video outlines the truth about our current society and how social media has become the new norm of connecting with everyone around us.

Social media has infected society and the only way we can live with it is to work with it. Companies need to understand that the generations to come will change the way marketing will be done to consumers. Thanks to social media the consumer will tell the company what it wants from its products. Customization will be the trend of the feature and innovation will be the goal of every company.

Consumers will use sites like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to write about their Opinions on their products and the changes that they would make to improve products. In order for companies to be strategic they need to use social media as a tool of connecting with their target market.

Participation is key, companies need to work with social media site rather then ignore the growing trend. Using the right social media outlet will help to distinguish the most strategic decisions for your company and it’s products. Creating strong customer relationships is clearly defined by communication and social media has opened a new door in connecting companies to the modern day.

Personal Experience
Recently I attended a PGA event called the Waste Management Open. I have been to a few PGA events before but for the first time the use of cellphones was no longer prohibited at the events. http://www.azcentral.com/12news/news/articles/2012/01/30/20120130waste-management-phoenix-open-puts-phones-play.htmlIt’s interesting to see this change because at previous events they were completely against the use cellphones and you would have to leave your cellphone before you entered the event. However this time you were allowed to use your cellphone for one thing only, social media. They didn’t want you to have your cellphone to make calls or really to text, they wanted you to use your cellphone to connect to their live feeds on Twitter and facebook. The tournament built their own application to download to help you keep up to date with live RSS feeds of the players and events going on in the tournament. Considering for years the tournament has had a strict no cellphone policy, it was interesting to see them embracing the consumers desire for social media interaction.


A picture of the back of the ticket commenting on allowed use of cellphones.


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  1. Cait – this is awesome! Great video & post 🙂

    – Kelsey Allin

    February 8, 2012 at 3:54 am

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